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UV Aging Test of Photoconversion EVA Film

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 UV Aging Test of Photoconversion EVA Film

Since solar energy needs to be used outdoors for a long time, the UV aging resistance of photoconversion materials is also a key factor for its promotion and application. Put the R-1 light conversion EVA film (mass fraction 0.2%) under the jurisdiction of UVA340 ultraviolet lamp for ultraviolet aging test. The wavelength of the lamp is mainly distributed between 300~400nm, and there is no maximum emission wavelength at 340nm. The radiation intensity of the lamp tube is 10W/m2. Every 4 hours, a fluorescence spectrometer was used to test the change of the emission peak intensity of the light conversion EVA film at 615nm with the irradiation time.

The light-conversion EVA film has excellent photostability. Under the condition of ultraviolet irradiation time of 100h, the fluorescence emission intensity of the light-conversion EVA film is still above 50%. The emission spectrum of the light-conversion EVA film is related to the accelerated aging There was no significant change before the test.

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