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Solar Photovoltaic Film

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 Solar Photovoltaic Film

(1) Low cost. According to Photon's forecast, it is expected to drop to US$2.08/w by 2012; the average price of thin-film batteries is expected to drop from US$2.65/w to US$1.11/w, which has obvious advantages compared with crystalline silicon; and Relevant thin-film battery manufacturers' forecasts are more optimistic. EPV estimates that by 2011, the cost of thin-film modules will be well below US$1/w; Oerlikon even estimates that the component cost of GW-level power stations will be reduced to US$0.7/w in 2011. This Mainly brought about by increased conversion rates and scale.

(2) Good low light performance

(3) Photovoltaic power generation modules (BIPV) suitable for integration with buildings. Flexible thin-film solar cells with stainless steel and polymer substrates are suitable for building roofs, etc., and can be made into different light transmittances as needed to replace glass curtain walls.


(1) Low efficiency, monocrystalline silicon solar cells, single unit efficiency is 14%-17% (AMO), while the efficiency of flexible matrix amorphous silicon solar cell modules (about 1000 square centimeters) is 10-12%, there are still There is a certain gap.

(2) Poor stability. Its instability is reflected in the fact that its energy conversion efficiency changes with the extension of irradiation time, and it does not stabilize until hundreds or thousands of hours. This problem affects the application of this low-cost solar cell to a certain extent.

(3) The same output power requires an increase in solar cell area. Compared with crystalline silicon cells, the cell area per watt will be approximately doubled, which limits its application when the installation space and lighting area are limited

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