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The role of laminated glass film

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The role of laminated glass film

1. Protective effect

The interlayer film in the middle can block the direct impact of external force on the glass and withstand the impact from the outside world. When the glass is broken, this layer of interlayer film can also play a role in resisting splashing debris and protecting the safety of indoor personnel.

2. Enhancement

The interlayer film in laminated glass can enhance the strength of the glass, making it more resistant to breakage, and has higher safety and reliability.

3. Sound insulation

The interlayer film in laminated glass can absorb the energy of sound waves, has the function of sound insulation and noise reduction, eliminates the influence of indoor and outdoor noise, and provides residents with a quieter home environment.

4. Fire protection

When the laminated glass is broken, due to the existence of the interlayer film, the glass fragments are not easy to scatter, reducing the fire hazard caused by the fragments.

3. Types and scope of application of laminated glass

According to the different materials of the interlayer film, laminated glass is divided into several types such as polyethylene interlayer film, pressure-sensitive acrylic interlayer film, and PU interlayer film. Widely used in construction, automobile, aircraft and other fields, such as office partitions, automatic doors, elevators, balconies, viewing elevators, car windows, aircraft portholes, etc.

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