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Material properties of laminated glass

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Material properties of laminated glass

Even if the laminated glass is broken, the fragments will be stuck to the film, and the surface of the broken glass remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris punctures and penetrating falling events, ensuring personal safety.

In Europe and the United States, laminated glass is used for most architectural glass, not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because laminated glass has excellent anti-seismic intrusion ability. The interlayer membrane can resist the continuous attacks of hammers, hatchets and other weapons, and can also resist the penetration of bullets for a long time. Its security degree is extremely high.

The glass is safe to break and may shatter under the impact of a heavy ball, but the whole piece of glass still maintains an integral interlayer, and broken pieces and sharp small fragments are still stuck together with the interlayer. When this glass is broken, the fragments will not disperse, and it is mostly used in vehicles such as cars.

Tempered glass needs a large impact force to break. Once broken, the whole piece of glass bursts into countless fine particles, and only a small amount of broken glass remains in the frame.

Ordinary glass shatters as soon as it hits, and in a typical shattering situation, many long strips of sharp-edged fragments are produced.

When the wire glass is broken, the mirror-tooth-shaped fragments surround the hole, and there are many glass fragments around the penetration point, and the length of the wire breaks varies.

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